Number Recognition

Recently I realized my oldest was having some trouble with recognizing a couple numbers. We have been working on 1-20 and he is doing great. We sing our 1,2,3’s up to 20 like we do our A,B,C’s, and we count objects with complete ease! He just wasn’t doing so hot with randomized flash cards! I started getting frustrated with myself.

‘Why can’t I teach him? It’s so simple, but I’ve tried everything!’

Then, one day- I had just wrapped up a lesson with Sissy and started a quick review with Bub- this great idea came to me!!! He learns best visually, through music, and hands on. The one method I had not focused completely on was visual learning. I grabbed his drawing pad, and together we drew up some “number friends”. It was simple, inexpensive, and so fun watching him laugh while we brought our numbers to life!


Once our “friends” were all put together and given names I made him “hang out” with them. Each day he “hung out” with his new “friend” getting to know what he looked like, and memorizing his name. I would randomly ask, “Hey, Bub what is your friends name? What does he look like. Or What is he doing?” I even made him introduce his “friends” to his dad when he came home from work! HAHA! He would tell him all bout them!


It sounds cheesy, I know! But it worked! He had fun too! The simple, inexpensive idea using paper and a pencil became the best method in teaching Bub to recognize his numbers. I think of it like the box the toy comes it at Christmas. Kids always play with the darn box more! Most importantly, and quite frankly the best part for me, it kept learning fun for my Lil’ Man! And I would be lying if I didn’t say how good it made me feel knowing I came up with this idea and it worked HEHE 🙂

Oh, the joys of homeschooling!
~The Triple L


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