Our Visit Home: The decision is made!

The decision to home school has not been an easy one. I felt led to do so, but really lacked the confidence in myself to even attempt it! I cherish every second that I spend with my husband- as most LW do- but we weren’t together that often. We would seriously go months with out seeing each other. So, this summer the kids, and I packed up and joined our LM on the road!

With my curriculum in tote I decided to “practice” this summer. Giving HSing a trial run would give me a better understanding of my abilities. The Man Upstairs was NOT joking when he laid this heavily upon my heart HAHA! And the little trial run I began has turned into a solid decision to HS our kids until the traveling is over, and we can settle down!

As for my LM- he was pretty opposed to the idea… at first! I am the type of person who thinks about things, weighs the pros and cons, thinks a little more, still questions the idea after thoroughly discussing it with my LM, and then hesitantly makes the ultimate decision. EVEN if I feel 100% confident it is the right choice! My LM had the common reservations… ‘Lack of socialization!’ ‘Lack of extra curricular activities!’ ‘OUR KIDS WILL BE WEIRD!’ I won’t lie… I too worried, but after a little… Ok a lot of rationalized thinking, and an emotional dinner date conversation with my husband this weekend here are the conclusions I have come to:

Lack of socialization – I still socialize with our friends. The kids play and interact with other kids! They just won’t spend most their day in a classroom.

Lack of extra curricular activities! Our community offers baseball and soccer. These are separate from the school system! Furthermore, (in our case) our kids will be back in public school before they start sports, music, etc!

OUR KIDS WILL BE WEIRD! Ok first off… We are not socially awkward people, and our kids do not lack the ability to socialize (Ask anyone who knows them!). Moreover, the idea of weird is becoming an extremely foreign concept HAHAHA! Everything goes now a days!

Homeschooling will allow me to REALLY continue to instill and engrave our values in the hearts of ours kids. They are still extremely impressionable, and picked up some bad habits from Pre-K that really left me feeling a bit unsettled! I will also be given the amazing ability to not only mold their hearts, but I also get to see their minds and abilities unfold first hand! As a mother there is no greater joy then knowing you have successfully given your child the knowledge needed to be successful. I also get to help hands on expand their minds with knowledge that will lay a foundation for their future goals and education!

The education of a child is not something to be taken lightly, but either is the morals that are taught to them. If you are considering homeschooling or just trying to find a better way to spend more time together as a family figure out what really matters most to you, and set your priorities. Always remember your children are your legacy!

I believe in faith, family, and all else will find its places!
~The Triple L


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