An encouraging word!

With the decision to homeschool brought a new set of fears for me…

How am I going to teach a Kindergartner and a PreKer at the same time??? Well, let me tell you it has been a lot easier then I expected. Luckily the curriculums I chose allow me to teach them together. Of course I focus a little more on my Kindergartener right now, but my little girl has learned so much so far. I must add this- while my two oldest children- being of school age- are doing well. My two year old– who observes most of the time- is doing unexpectedly well also! He can count to 10, say his ABCs, and spell a hand full of words. This is what makes homeschooling so rewarding to me!

Today I want to encourage those of you who have tossed around the idea, or are feeling led to homeschool to step out in faith and believe in yourself and the abilities of your child! I have learned how natural teaching my child is, and love how they naturally want to learn. Everything we do in a day teaches them something. Even if it is a chore!

Follow your heart, and enlighten your soul!



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