The reluctant learner…

So, let’s face it… homeschooling younger children can be a tad bit challenging! They are at the age where they know just what buttons to push, and are still testing their limits! Some days I just want to bury my face in the a pillow and scream. My 5y/o is so strong willed at times, and I am constantly looking for ways to keep it him interested.

Math… Math has become my arch nemesis! Who knew this math lover would grow to loath it? He is so good at it yet he refuses to do it! Granted he is five… Okay I get it, but I have seen him max a full math sheet out in five minutes. I know his potential!

So, what are my options when it comes to encouraging him to do his work?? I think he is just bored so I need to make it fun!

1. Rewards – So, my child could care less about stickers. And I have bought toys for him and set them in view to encourage him… He didn’t care! He cares more about torturing me 🙂 So I had to switch it up… A pack of M&Ms, raisins, whatever you choose I chose raisins. They double as counting objects AND a reward. I set a pilot a side as a counting pile, and one pile as a reward pile for when he gets a problem correct! This works for now 🙂

2. Privileges – Another great option is still on board with the reward system, but it takes it a step above. How many of you have kids with iPads, Leap Pads, Nabi tablets, etc.? Or a toy they L. O. V. E? Reward them with time – let’s say a minute per problem, or take it away for a day or half of the day when they don’t do their work!

3. Make it fun and be more involved – If you are like me you may have multiple children to divide your time and energy between. I think sometimes this causes jealousy, and the other children try to find ways to get attention. I have a kindergartner and one in PreK. My main focus is my K’er, but even then I still have to keep an eye on the other two. That is when he ‘rebels’ the most! Make sure you’re not expecting too much of your child, and keep involved by helping them learn. Most importantly make sure they know they have your utmost attention when it comes to their questions or challenges. And praise good, hard work ALWAYS! Remember kids are going to get bumps and bruises, they’re going to make mistakes, and they’re going to make you mad! But always make sure that you praise the good and reprimand the bad. This just builds good character. As far as fun… Pinterest, Google, even YouTube can become your best friends when it comes to finding fun unique options for teaching your child! Don’t be afraid of the World Wide Web… There’s a lot of good on it to compensate for the bad!

Through all of this remember to have patience. You had to learn all of this at one time too! Also, know your child limits, and don’t expect too much from them! Lastly, be consistent, and do not give in out of frustration!

From HS mama to another… It’s not always easy, but it’s ALWAYS worth it! 🙂



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