My Sam’s Club workbook haul…

1. These are absolutely amazing! The red book I am currently using with my 3yo. The blue book is a little more advanced so he will work out of that one next year! Very colorful, fun, and he can even understand the instructions himself!

2. The kids LOVE these! My sister in law introduced these to me. That is why I initially made my trip to Sam’s. I absolutely love when my kids think learning is fun. I never liked school, I often got bored, and really can’t say I ever loved learning. So, to see my kids having fun learning makes my heart happy!

~Kindergarten cards…

~1st grade cards

3. These are nice to take on trips, or out to dinner! The kids enjoy the fact that they can write and erase in the book. Plus, if they make mistakes they can try again until they get it right!

Your kids can never have enough educational works books! And when they have fun with them it’s totally worth the money spent. I think I got really good deals on all these, and know they will get used over and over again.


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