Treatsie Subscription Box Review • ✭✭✭✭✩ • Absolute PandeMOMium

This is NOT an unboxing! I am not paid or affiliated with either of the websites or the company(ies). This is my honest review of this subscription box, and honest opinion of whether or not I think it is worth the money! Feel free to check out and Make sure to subscribe, like and comment 🙂 Thanks for watching!

In my box:
1. Seattle Chocolates – Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar, Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar, and Total Toffee Truffle Bar (1 each)
2. Shotwell Candy Co. – “Old Fashioned” Cocktail Caramel and Hand-Crushed Expresso Caramel (3 each)
3. Raley’s Confectionary- Treatsie Variety Mix

pan·de·mo·mi·um ˌpandəˈmänēəm/ (noun) the wild, noisy, disorderly, or confusing life of a mom 🙂

Who says moms and wives have to stop having fun? Good information; pure clean fun!

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P.S. – We are not paid for reviews, nor do we work for any of the product companies!


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