What do you need in your hospital bag? Well, after four pregnancies let me tell you what I have found to be necessary 🙂

☞ Download the hospital bag checklist here
☞ Embark wheeled duffle bag from Target.
☞ Sign up for the Depend Silhouette Sample pack here
☞ Coming home outfit for baby from PurttyStitches on Etsy.
☞ Personalized baby blanket from MinkyBabyGifts on Easy.
☞ Games (Pass the Pig, Uno, Mini Bag toss…)

pan·de·mo·mi·um ˌpandəˈmänēəm/ (noun) the wild, noisy, disorderly, or confusing life of a mom 🙂

Who says moms and wives have to stop having fun? Good information; pure clean fun!

From Me to MomME! Life MOMified not modified!

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P.S. – We are not paid for reviews, nor do we work for any of the product companies!


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