First Day of School! {Homeschool Style}

First Day of School! {Homeschool Style}

Today I woke up sick 😦 For those who do not know I deal with horrible migraines (which thanks to a new regimen I believe we have them under control), and than some digestive disorders which are being re-evaluated (so to speak). This morning I was in so much pain I wanted to go to the hospital, but I decided to get up and go… For a ride! So, we grabbed our school books, and I just drove with absolutely no destination! AND, we ended up…



And HERE! {This is at the top of the water tower!}


AND we saw this!


After all that we found a desk, and began our school work!


We later enjoyed some sun and played a bit before daddy brought us a picnic 🙂

I will close with this since my day started so horribly, but is coming to such a beautiful end…

Psalms 118:24 reads “This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Let me say it this way- This was the day the Lord made and I DID rejoice and I WAS glad in it, and I was blessed beyond measure 🙂


Homeschool: A few of my favorite start up resources!

I went in to homeschooling with many reservations. You can read about all those here.

When people are deciding to homeschool they usually feel overwhelmed, and have no clue where to start. There are tons of resources online to help people in this situation. In this post I will to list my favorite resources that helped me decide where to start, what curriculum to use, if I should even use a curriculum, and just overall support.

HLSDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)
The website is chalked full of amazing resources. You can also become a member, and be backed legally if ever such a situation arises.

Here are just a few of my favorite links:

  • “Getting Started” This section helped me out greatly when I first started!
  • “My State” In this section you can read up on your states laws, legislation, and find other amazing local resources! When you first take the plung- most people do not consider the legal aspect,more the fact that every state is different.

Alpha Omega Publications
I chose a curriculum that was laid out for me. This made it a lot easier going in to this brand new knowing absolutely nothing about homeschooling! I went with a faith based curriculum- that is just a personal preference. I also chose books over a online or computer based curriculum because I like a paper trail and I like a hard copy in my hand! Their customer service is amazing also. I have called them many times just to ask questions to help me understand the different curriculums!

Here are AOP comparisons:

You Tube– Yep! I love some of the FREE resources I find on there. Here’s a few of my favorites!

Facebook and Community Groups– There are all sorts of support groups out there! Facebook is great because it gives you the ability to get ideas and support for all over the country, and from HSers from every level. You can also find local support groups- some of which meet up occasionally such as- gym groups, mommy groups, curriculum/idea swap groups, etc. There are also co-ops in some areas. They are great because they offer support, give your child a chance to socialize with other homeschoolers, and often times co-ops will do classes once a week or once a month. That gives you and your child a break from the same day to day routine!

Lastly, I just want to share a few of my other favorite websites and blogs:

I hope you have found this some what resourceful! Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached through the contact section here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter!


My Sam’s Club workbook haul…

1. These are absolutely amazing! The red book I am currently using with my 3yo. The blue book is a little more advanced so he will work out of that one next year! Very colorful, fun, and he can even understand the instructions himself!

2. The kids LOVE these! My sister in law introduced these to me. That is why I initially made my trip to Sam’s. I absolutely love when my kids think learning is fun. I never liked school, I often got bored, and really can’t say I ever loved learning. So, to see my kids having fun learning makes my heart happy!

~Kindergarten cards…

~1st grade cards

3. These are nice to take on trips, or out to dinner! The kids enjoy the fact that they can write and erase in the book. Plus, if they make mistakes they can try again until they get it right!

Your kids can never have enough educational works books! And when they have fun with them it’s totally worth the money spent. I think I got really good deals on all these, and know they will get used over and over again.

Infants and Television

I feel like every child in a way is home schooled. We teach our children so many things and are looked upon greatly for wisdom and guidance from them. Last month we had a man come teach one of our Mental Health nursing classes. He talked to us about different ways that infants learn and how important this learning period is for them.

During this stage different functions of their brain are working hard at building a path. It is crucial that they learn all that they can. He explained to us that the most important thing was talking with our children, reading books, and spending time with them. We spend too much time letting technology teach our children.

He talked about how so many of us have ADD. We are always diagnosing ourselves with this disorder. Why is this? He tried explaining the use of television corrupting our reception to learning. I want to be honest, I let my child watch TV…he loves it. However, now I know why. Infants love stimuli. They love to have many different things go on at once; however, is this the best way? Can they be overstimulated? In his opinion, they can. Too much television causes too much stimuli, which in turn can cause ADD. When an infant gets used to this type of environment, they expect this. They have to have the stimuli to feel normal.

He went in detail with different scientific information. However, I do not want to get into all of that. I just wanted to throw this theory out there. I always thought that learning DVD’s would help him learn more! Maybe I was wrong? I believe still that the best thing that we can do for our infants is spend time with them. Get off of the cell phone, facebook, and put everything down and read to them, play with them, talk to them.

Opinions are appreciated on this subject!!!


The reluctant learner…

So, let’s face it… homeschooling younger children can be a tad bit challenging! They are at the age where they know just what buttons to push, and are still testing their limits! Some days I just want to bury my face in the a pillow and scream. My 5y/o is so strong willed at times, and I am constantly looking for ways to keep it him interested.

Math… Math has become my arch nemesis! Who knew this math lover would grow to loath it? He is so good at it yet he refuses to do it! Granted he is five… Okay I get it, but I have seen him max a full math sheet out in five minutes. I know his potential!

So, what are my options when it comes to encouraging him to do his work?? I think he is just bored so I need to make it fun!

1. Rewards – So, my child could care less about stickers. And I have bought toys for him and set them in view to encourage him… He didn’t care! He cares more about torturing me 🙂 So I had to switch it up… A pack of M&Ms, raisins, whatever you choose I chose raisins. They double as counting objects AND a reward. I set a pilot a side as a counting pile, and one pile as a reward pile for when he gets a problem correct! This works for now 🙂

2. Privileges – Another great option is still on board with the reward system, but it takes it a step above. How many of you have kids with iPads, Leap Pads, Nabi tablets, etc.? Or a toy they L. O. V. E? Reward them with time – let’s say a minute per problem, or take it away for a day or half of the day when they don’t do their work!

3. Make it fun and be more involved – If you are like me you may have multiple children to divide your time and energy between. I think sometimes this causes jealousy, and the other children try to find ways to get attention. I have a kindergartner and one in PreK. My main focus is my K’er, but even then I still have to keep an eye on the other two. That is when he ‘rebels’ the most! Make sure you’re not expecting too much of your child, and keep involved by helping them learn. Most importantly make sure they know they have your utmost attention when it comes to their questions or challenges. And praise good, hard work ALWAYS! Remember kids are going to get bumps and bruises, they’re going to make mistakes, and they’re going to make you mad! But always make sure that you praise the good and reprimand the bad. This just builds good character. As far as fun… Pinterest, Google, even YouTube can become your best friends when it comes to finding fun unique options for teaching your child! Don’t be afraid of the World Wide Web… There’s a lot of good on it to compensate for the bad!

Through all of this remember to have patience. You had to learn all of this at one time too! Also, know your child limits, and don’t expect too much from them! Lastly, be consistent, and do not give in out of frustration!

From HS mama to another… It’s not always easy, but it’s ALWAYS worth it! 🙂